Never mind a girl who writes


Quiet Poetic

Never date a girl who writes if you want a quiet life. Regardless of what she says, she will always have something in her mind. Something she wants to change about the world, something random she wants to do. And most probably, she will want to do it with you. It could be something as ordinary as having coffee on a quiet Thursday night or as spontaneous as driving up North on a cold Monday morning to skip work just for the hell of it. She will always have things in her mind, and she will want you to be on board, all the time. If you are not prepared for that, never mind a girl who writes.

Don’t bother trying to impress a girl who writes with your five-dollar words and compliments because a girl who writes also reads; she has Mr. Darcy’s name written in her childhood diary…

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Bitter ka ba?


Myr 096

Knug tatanungin ako ng Diyos kung gaano kita minahal, ang isasagot ko, 100 beses na higit pa sa nararapat. Minahal kita hindi dahil pakiramdam ko lang tama, pero dahil ginusto ko yung naramdaman ko at walang kung ano pa man. 

Minsan mo na akong tinanong kung pinagsisisihan kong nakilala kita. Sinabi ko hindi. Ngayon na nga siguro ang araw na kinatatakutan ko. Dahil kapag tinanong mo ulit sa akin yan, alam kong oo na ang isasagot ko. Sa lahat kasi ng nangyari sa buhay ko, ikaw lang ang gusto kong burahin. Wala ng iba.
Alam kong tama na tong ginagawa ko ngayon. Tama ng mawala ka sa buhay ko. Dahil alam kong wala ng pag-asa yang sinasabi mong pagkakaibigan natin. Tanga lang ako na minsan kong inisip na yun ang pinanghahawakan ko pero hindi pala. Dahil pinili mo pa rin akong saktan kahit alam mong dapat…

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One down, more to go.

2 more days to go, and it’s already goodbye to the best year I’ve ever had in my 18 years of existence. This year had been a one helluva roller coaster ride. A lot of ups and downs, some even have ridiculous loops that either made me happy or cranky. 2014, by far, is the most epic year I’ve had since my birth year, of course. 2014 became as crazy as it can be. It gave me a lotof blessings and bullshits, but both were beneficial in my growth as a person (yey!). One awesome year down, more years to go. I feel so overwhelmed with the blessings God gave me this year, sometimes I even doubted if I actually deserve it or not. But what the hell. God gave them to me, and I should thank and proclaim them again before this year ends!


3E3, my section in the College of Education of the University of Santo Tomas. The people in this section made me realize how important YOLO is. We’ve had a lot of YOLO and walwal nights, and to these memories, I thank you a lot. It’s crazy how we became closer than before; I mean, we’ve only been together last year but this year? We’re so glued to each other, I cannot even. I look forward to MOOOOORE YOLO and walwal nights, or even just chill hangouts. You know I’m always up for anything. 😉


Alpha Phi Chupapi, my beki-but-not-really-beki college friends! Tj, Megan, and Joselle, thank you. I really miss our log of confessions and our summoning circle. Badly. 😦 Thank you for being there and making me happy. Thank you for the cra-cra moments we have, in which we always bully the hell out of Joselle… or me. Anyway, I hope we’ll make a lot of memories this 2015!


V Incoming Batch 2014, my fellow incoming staffers of The Varsitarian. I never knew we’ll be soooooo solid (#SolidTayo). It’s really overwhelming having you all as my friends because you are all so effin’ brilliant. More bonding, please? And more roadtrips, whether spontaneous or not! Hehe!


Tj Perfecto, you freaking bitch. You have a special spot because most of the things I’ve had this year, I’ve had it with you. Thank you for everything, as in. You’re the best and worst friend I’ve had but I’ll never regret having you. Let’s make more memories together. More rave parties, please!



The Varsitarian,  the official student publication of the University of Santo Tomas. Varsi, you have no idea how thankful and grateful I am for having you in my life. You’re the greatest gift I received this year. You’re one of the best things that ever happened to me. Let’s make more memories together. I love you, V, and I know you love me too.

Mr. José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda (Do not be mistaken, it’s only a codename). You have no idea how much you mean to me right now. You were one of the best people I’ve met this year, and I really hope you’re not temporary. You might not feel the same way I feel towards you, but I’m really happy with our friendship. We may have misunderstandings and such, I still enjoy talking to you everyday. May we have our ‘quality time’ this 2015.

Lastly, GOD. No words can explain how grateful I am to you. You’re really something. Thank you and sorry for everything. I may be a demanding bitch sometimes, but I love you and I know you love me too. More blessings and challenges!

I’ve lost and earned a lot this year: people, money, friendship, time, memories and experiences. But my 2014 will not be as awesome as it is right now without these things. I really hope 2015 will be an another awesome year, not only for me but for everyone. May we have the happiness we’ve always needed. Cheers.